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    Born global, we have an abiding passion to place your business needs first. Our success is your success. To help you achieve your goals, we invest in our people and resources, so that they can help bring new business models and innovative ideas to your business and work environment.


    A Client Partner is placed with your team onsite to ensure seamless alignment. The partner is then paired with a senior IBT Delivery Manager near shore or offshore as part of our “Two-in-a-Box” client engagement model.


    Working with us, you can more effectively virtualize and globalize your business. With Dubai headquarters our roots are global and combine the best of the East and the West. We’ve always been multicultural and tightly networked as a company.


    Our business sensibility and IT knowledge are unrivaled. Many of our senior people originate from the businesses we serve, so we’re able to offer deep experience across almost all major industries.


    Because our culture is values based, you are assured of the highest ethical standards of integrity, transparency and corporate governance. Financial Success, Sound Management: We’re a Dubai-based, Privately Held- company recognized by major business media (Value Resellers, Network Middle East, IT Integrators, and Channel Middle East) for sustained industry-leading growth. One of the Research Company in UAE ranked our CEO among the top 10 CEOs in IT Industry.Integrated Services Portfolio: Our tightly integrated offerings are tailored to each clients requirements and span the services spectrum from Application Development/Maintenance and IT Infrastructure Management through Strategic Consulting and industry-oriented Business Process Outsourcing.


    Built on the latest Web technologies, our new IBT global delivery platform enables our workforce, business partners and clients worldwide to work as one. This enables sharing of expertise and insights and collaborating more in real time to achieve superior results.

    The way businesses work and deliver value has never been more dynamic: Globalization, cloud and social computing technologies, new workforce demographics, and a stubborn economic reset are all reshaping how work gets done.

    Next Generation Solutions Extend Value

    Cost savings and operational improvement will always be relevant and critical, but they alone won’t help organizations become a better bank, retailer, insurance firm, or movie studio. New business challenges demand solutions that extend the value of complex, knowledge-based business activities.

    • Enable dynamic work activities that are complex and difficult to automate
    • Often leverage global service delivery and cloud enablement
    • Weave together applications, infrastructure and knowledge processes
    • Deliver higher levels of transparency and flexibility
    • Optimize value through outcomes-based pricing structures based on consumption, throughput, or business metrics

    Our approach requires clear service agreements that outline how the relationship will work through responsibilities, time and measurement. We always want to improve the service to the core business and let our clients focus on these areas. We continually strive for improvements in quality and demonstrate a flexible attitude in servicing our clients needs.

    IBT have been most successful in developing relationships of trust, mutual benefit when working in the spirit of true partnership. When we understand and share the same values and ambitions of our clients we can become an integral part of our client’s team, creating confidence in our future, enabling investment in training of our teams and the development of IT systems all contributing to meeting the principle requirements of the contract.

    partnership graphic

    IBT has a strong focus towards working in partnership with clients, where the shared risk, highly communicative and collaborative approach garner significant results. This develops a foundation of understanding, accountability and trust which allows us to become a valued business partner in the recruitment arena. This approach allows us to work in a complementary way with the operational procedures of our clients whose internal recruiting capabilities can be of considerable value to us and strengthen the overall effort.

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