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  • Business Process Outsourcing

    Business Process Outsourcing Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Virtual Reception Outsourcing Services Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Never Miss any Business Opportunity with the inbound Lead Response

    Any one calling your office will be warmly greeted by IBT with a message customized specially for you / your company and can select extension set by you to speak with concerned person or she can leave a voicemail or accept a Fax on your behalf and also organize and manage a con-call with customers and internal employees. She works 24X7X365, thus you will never miss a call and a customer.


    Of new business comes in via the telephone


    Hang up if they get answering machine


    Of all new business is lost due to unanswered phones


    Won't call back if your phone is engaged

    Benefits for You

    Outstanding, professional customer care plus state-of-the-art technology enables us to provide exceptional Virtual Receptionist Services to you.

    Our friendly, live receptionists and proprietary technology make IBT your solution to delivering excellent customer experiences. Customized for your business, and integrated with your day, we’re here to help you focus on your business while we WOW your callers and win you business!

    • Local Dubai number for your business – more credibility for your company
    • Managed and routed in Dubai
    • Our operating hours is 365 days 24/7
    • Our skilled receptionists who will answer calls using your company name
    • The reception staff speaking several languages that handle your phone calls
    • Incoming calls can be easily connected to anywhere
    • We can establish Dubai Landline in 15 min. for your Tradeshow support.
    • We capture name, number, company & accurate message.
    • We can ask the caller any questions, based on your business requirement.
    • We’ll then send you the message by email, text message.

    Get Your own customer service team at a fraction of cost

    Call Center Outsourcing Services Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Fast changes in the client inclinations and desires need to prompt real changes in the call center industry. Innovative progressions have likewise happened in these aggressive conditions in the call center outsourcing Dubai. We comprehend that perfect client benefit is the most imperative element of an effective business. Beginning from BPO’s we offer great administrations and providers in outsourcing services in Dubai, UAE.

    Outsourcing Call Center

    Our group has very much prepared and proficient people who are equipped providers in giving answers for our customers. We are very much prepared to call ourselves highly experienced solution experts to our customers with respect to complex circumstances that you are looking for your business. We have top connections in the field of outsourcing and we guarantee you that your business will be outsourced to professional experts with the assistance of BPO are outfitted with a very much prepared and specialized group.

    Our organization has an impressive involvement in outsource exercises, which is the reason we have a solid notoriety throughout Dubai, UAE. We sort out comprehensive preparing projects and make utilization of client relationship administration tools such as call tracking, advance diallers, and discourse analytics.

    Outsource Call Center Companies

    The tele services company which helps you to outsource your business in Dubai, UAE. We use our top contacts to its full potential so that we can help our clients and make your business flourish.

    Our services include basic BPO activities such as receiving international calls including b2b calls and b2c calls as well. For our customers, b2b or rather business to business calls refer to telephonic engagements between companies where one particular business makes any kind of business-related transaction to another. We also engage in b2c calls which mean business to consumer related calls where the transactions take between the business and the consumer directly.

    Inbound Call Center Services

    This Form an integral part of any call center solution. This system exclusively handles incoming calls/email.chats from your customers and effectively responds to their requirements, based on parameters defined by your business.

    Few features our inbound solutions have to offer

    • CRM Integration
    • IVR Flexibility
    • Automatic Call Distribution(ACD)
    • Queue Monitoring
    • Skill-based routing for agents
    • Priority routing
    • Time Based routing
    • Call recording
    • Chat routing
    • SMS services
    • Email handling

    This is one of the primary reasons why our outsourced solutions are known to be one of the top and best call center services company in all of Dubai UAE. Apart from all these services we also deal with the sales-related calls and surveys or pre-sales describing various choices and options for our customers and their general feedback about them. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to utilize our call center services.

    Outbound Call Center Services

    With today’s customers communicating via various platforms, a business needs an equally agile contact center that supports multiple channels to connect better with the customers. IBT multi-channel outbound call center solutions allow you to target your specific segments and enhance customer interaction.

    Few of our key feature include:

    • Dialers
    • Preview
    • Progressive
    • Predictive
    • Language Based Routing
    • Real-time Dashboards and Reports
    • Visualization Dashboards
    • System Dashboard
    • Call load analysis dashboard
    • Live analytics
    • Performance Dashboard
    • Agent efficiency report
      • Chat Routing
      • Multi-Channel Communication
      • SMS Services
      • Multi-Channel Automated Self-Service And Outreach

    Get a 24/7/365 Days Customer Service Team in just 5 minutes

    Telemarketing Outsourcing Services Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Telemarketing agencies can significantly increase your sales, customer acquisition, or lead generation by instantly ramping your capacity and performance. The agents employed by our partners are well trained in sales and up-selling. They can help you generate more revenue on day one. Our agencies can help you cultivate excellent relationships with your clients while also increasing revenue and reducing costs. IBT consultants are ready to help you hire the best telemarketing agencies for your business today!

    What We Offer

    • Lead generation
    • Lead qualification with transfer of warm leads
    • Telesales
    • Appointment setting
    • Collections
    • Customer retention
    • Database cleanup
    • Market research
    • Political calling
    • Surveys
    • Tele-fundraising
    • Customized Solutions
    • Order Processing
    • Lead Capture
    • List Cleaning
    • Highly Trained Representatives
    • Quality Control
    • Increased Productivity
    • Need to scale your telemarketing operations?
    • Having internal human resource issues?
    • Need to upgrade your technology?
    • Need more operational flexibility?
    • Ready to focus on your core business…instead of your telemarketers?

    A telemarketing service is one of the most effective tools for your company that can promote your product and significantly increase your profits. ​Outsourcing Insight will help your business with setting up right telemarketing service team. Our telesales reps are experienced in b2b and b2c sales. We have been offering services to our clients since last 15 years from different locations like UAE, UK, US and Qatar. You can choose the location as per your needs.

    Technical Customer Support Outsourcing Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

    IBT is a business process outsourcing (BPO) provider that you can partner with for your technical support outsourcing needs. With support being a key selling point for users, IBT understands how technical support will provides necessary and timely solutions to your users’ problems. Our hub for outsourced tech support services—from Helpdesk and Ticketing Support, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Technical to Remote Network Support can be customized according to your business process requirements, allowing IBT to bring about an increase in the quality and performance of your business.

    In addition, IBT desktop support service enables you to set your product offering apart from your competitors through superior tech support composed of higher levels of tech support quality, timely responses, and quicker problem resolution. This translates to increased customer’s happiness, loyalty, and healthier bottom lines.

    Customer Service and Technical Support Have Different Goals

    The primary focus of technical support is to resolve a technical incident or problem. These incidents are either perceived or actual deficiencies with the item they are seeking support for. Because of this, it behooves the technical support representative to determine what is not functioning properly and resolve the issue as quickly as possible while still being friendly and supportive. In most situations, the ultimate measure of success is that the customer doesn’t have
    to contact support again.

    Representatives Listen to Customers for Different Purposes

    Customer service reps, listen with empathy. They put themselves in the “shoes” of the customer and try to understand what the customer is trying to accomplish. They aren’t listening to fix they are instead listening to recommend. This could be recommending a new product, or different approach.

    Representatives Have a Different Perspective on the Product

    When discussing the difference in perspective I like to use what I call the “word processing example.” When you contact technical support about an error in your word processor, they can always help you resolve that error dialog box that pops up. They can also help you figure out what plugin isn’t working and remove it. However, when you say, “I’m writing a paper in APA format and I need to know how to make the first page header different than subsequent pages,” technical support will probably come up short.



    This is another extremely important aspect of comfort. At all times representatives should make sure a customer knows four things: What is the cost of support, what
    work is occurring to address their issue, what will you be working on next, and what is the current ETA for completion of work? As long as customers know those items they will usually be much more comfortable.


    Offer of Assistance

    Support representatives should always ask what they can do to help. Don’t ever assume you know what the customer wants. The best way to learn, is to ask.



    Support representatives need to provide the customer with a sense of understanding. The customer should feel like they are working with a partner who understands the problem from their point of view. Ideally representatives working with customers should have at least a basic understanding of the industry they are supporting.



    The #1 expectation of any type of support request is that the person providing assistance knows the product inside and out. There is nothing that erodes customer comfort faster than fumbling through a support call. This also means if representatives don’t know the answer to a question, they should admit it. Saying “I don’t have the answer but I can get it for you” will be much better received than pretending that you know an answer when you don’t.



    No one likes to work with a Jerk. Representatives should strive to solve customer challenges in a friendly way without over doing it.

    Good Customer Experience = Customer Comfort

    Our Tier I, II, and III technical support agents have a level of customer service exceeding expectations. This ensures your customers get their technology questions answered while still receiving top notch customer service.

    Looking for superior technical customer support?

    Non Technical Customer Support in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Non Technical Customer Support

    We care for our customers and therefore we do not just stop with our basic solution. We extend our assistance in the form of excellent customer support services that enable our clients to keep up with their services under all conditions, at all times. We also expand the help desk to make sure all your non-technical issues are resolved in no time.

    Some Non Technical Features

    • Integrated call-centres’ that attend every query of our customers
    • Non-voice, technical support outsourcing
    • Experts for efficient call handling
    • Resolving problems and troubleshooting for immediate relief
    • Emergency-equipped know-how of non-technical support team

    Integrated Call-Centers

    Our call centers’ are quick to respond and we take immediate action to solve all your queries. Integrated call centers’ help you get in touch 24X7X365 days to help you reach out with your queries.

    Non-Voice Technical Support

    Not limited to just call centers’, our non-voice technical support is efficient enough to bringing up immediate solutions, whether technical or non-technical.

    Resolving Problems with Emergency

    In any given situation we are always at your assistance to help you resolve all your software problems. We are experts at what we do, so our customers rely on us for round the clock assistance. In emergency situations we have dedicated resources for your help to resolve the problems then and there within no time.

    Whoever our non-technical customers are, Our job is to educate them

    Simple Way of Giving Non Tech Support for Savvy Customers

    Live Chat Outsourcing Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

    At IBT, we believe in providing the best service to our clients regardless of how large their business is. Our Live Chat Support service is affordable and has a huge positive impact on bottom line of our clients.

    Dedicated Live Chat Outsourcing

    Got a special project? Need to build a crack chat team? Save yourself the hassle and let us create and manage your perfect dedicated chat team for you. Our chatters answer chats 50% faster than in-house teams, achieve a whopping 98% customer satisfaction rating and come fully managed, meaning you get the benefits of them without the management overhead.


    Centralized Database

    All your leads & chat transcripts are available in a centralized & secure database available only to you.


    CRM/ERP Integration

    All your website leads will be automatically added to your CRM or ERP system by our agents.


    Software Flexibility

    If you have an existing live chat software. Our agents can use that to assist your visitors.


    Agent Training

    Our agents go through extensive training programs to deliver excellent support for your customers.


    Friendly & Professional

    All your website visitors will be treated in a Friendly and Professional way. We guarantee that.


    Go Live in 12 Hours

    Using our advanced algorithm, Our agents will be ready to serve your visitors within just 12 hours for most industries.

    Don’t let your customer bounce off your pages, offer them live help on your website and make sure you secure the sale or resolve customer service issue the first time round. Our professional website chat operators will take care of your clients 24 x 7 as if they were your own staff. With your competitors only a click away, giving customers the experience they demand, whilst at the browsing stage means you keep customers on your site and you keep them happy.

    Outsourced Live Chat Service For Your Website

    Call Us today!

    Email Support Outsourcing Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Email is one of the most often-used forms of customer contact and for good reason. Email is one of the more cost-effective channels, it doesn’t require an immediate answer, and most customers are comfortable using it as a channel. We integrate our email platform with any other channels your customers use, so it doesn’t matter whether a customer called first, tweeted second, and finally sent an email. We’ll always have a full case history. We understand that the best way to improve customer service is to look at the whole customer experience so next to email support outsourcing.

    Too Many Emails and Not Enough Time?

    Outsourcing Email Support Services to IBT


    Experienced Workforce

    At IBT we have a highly skilled, trained and experienced team of call center professionals who are well-trained in the providing competent non voice support services. Our skilled email support professionals can answer all your emails with appropriate and prompt replies. IBT email support professionals are skilled in customer care, technical support, order fulfillment, verification, complete query resolution and resolving escalated cases.


    Reliable Email Support Services

    You can be assured that your emails will be answered accurately, within a fast turnaround time. Since our professionals work on a 24x7x365 days basis, none of your emails will go unanswered. Outsource to IBT and get access to high-quality non voice support services at a cost-effective price.


    Domain Expertise

    Our team can efficiently answer a number of email queries related to service-related queries, queries regarding complaints billing, product queries, after sales queries, information queries. We can also use email support services to up-sell and cross-sell your organization’s products and services. Our team can also collect feedback from your customers.


    Increased Customer Satisfaction

    Since all your customers queries will be answered on a 24x7x365 days basis, there would be no need for you to state your business hours to your customers. You can save on investing in a customer support or call center team and you can concentrate more on your core business functions. Outsourcing email support services to IBT can help you benefit from increased customer service quality and availability.

    How We Work

    Creation of Database

    We will first create a knowledge database of your customers frequently asked questions. This database would be created after discussing your customers’ common requirements in detail.


    Regular Updation of Database

    This database would be regularly updated based on our customers’ interactions with potential customers. Apart from this, our team would be given in-depth training on our customer’s services, products and processes.

    Offshoring email support services to an experienced service provider can help you to efficiently tackle these issues and benefit from increased customer satisfaction. IBT can help you gain prospective customers and increased customer satisfaction by providing accurate answers to email queries.

    Want Domain Experts to handle your Email Support?

    Swift Email Response Service

    Outsource Order Taking Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Outsourcing order taking service to a call center provider will ensure the streamlined sales of your product while your company focuses on advertising the product and building the brand/business. Order taking contact centers are customized for order taking answering services to provide maximized up-selling for the products. However, a word of caution while on the look out for a call center to outsource your phone order taking services to – only well trained and competent live operators can convert phone calls into concrete sales. Here’s where IBT Solutions steps in as the best.

    Why outsource order taking services to IBT Solutions?

    At IBT, we provide a range of services from inbound sales to customer service calls to up-selling and cross-selling to online order taking service from your website. Converting sales into up-selling and cross-selling targets at a daily frequent rate is our aim. Opting for IBT means you will not only gain new customers, but will also retain your present customer base.

    Benefits of Outsourcing Order Taking Services

    IBT can achieve your desired customer service conduct and sales objectives. Outsource order taking services to IBT and get access to the following benefits:

    24x7 Services

    Our 24×7 manning of the telephone/toll-free lines ensures you don’t miss out on any customer neither is any customer kept waiting as the staff size is proportionate to the demand and can be adjusted according to the changing patterns of advertising and promotion.

    Stringent Training Processes

    Our all-inclusive training of the live operator guarantees first-class service and desired sales closing.

    Customized Services

    We offer customized quality services to the customer, with a customized database of any size product catalog, product description, price and added features, which is regularly updated as per customer requirements.

    Online Order Taking Services

    We integrate online order taking service with live order taking services. We have the capability of handling a high volume at any given point of time.

    Latest Technologies

    In tune with the latest technologies, IBT can deal with businesses of any size small, medium and large the call answering service can be set up in no time to start taking the orders right away.

    Streamlined Services

    We can provide streamlined sales and call reporting, instantly or at scheduled time intervals.

    Convenient Message Deliveries

    We provide message deliveries in convenient forms such as fax, pager, email or downloadable files.

    Order Processing Methods

    We provide a comprehensive range of order processing methods that comprise of multiple shipping and payment options, order fulfillment and status checks, credit card authorizations, etc

    Outsource order taking services to IBT and stay assured that your customers’ orders are taken good care off and that they will get only the best service.

    Ready to focus on your Core Business

    Instead of your Order taking process?

    Warrant Claim, Verification Services Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Warrant Claim Services

    What is needed is a closed-loop claims management process, which administers, processes and tracks all warranties throughout their lifecycle to improve customer satisfaction, increase product quality and reduce service costs.

    IBT enables service organizations to create, administer, process and track warranties, claims and assets through their full lifecycles. As a result, third parties can submit valid claims and receive credits, customer service can verify coverage and initiate recovery, and field technicians can track asset history and replace in-warranty parts.

    Benefits With IBT Warranty Claims

    • Claims are filed over the phone or via the CGClaimsWeb online Portal
    • Damage claims can be filed 24/7, 365 days a year, regardless of the service times\
    • Direct approval of damage Claims
    • One-stop-shop for all warranty related issues operating simultaneously across UAE
    • Reduction on overall claim closure time with removal of delaying processes such as claim returns and change of batch
    Go the Extra Mile With Added Coverage
    Providing Unparalleled Warranty Services

    Our administrative staff participates in up to date training on a continuous basis in order to handle the ever-changing demands of the warranty world.

    Verification Services

    IBT Verification Services is your source for the most professional background screening services on the market.

    Verification Services as Follows:
    1. Employment Reference Check
    2. Criminal Conviction Records Search
    3. Credit Report
    4. Social Security Trace
    5. Motor Vehicle Records
    6. Education Verification
    7. Workers’ Compensation Records Search
    8. Asset Check
    1. Bankruptcy Search
    2. Business Credit Report
    3. Personal Reference Check
    4. Professional License Search
    5. Secretary of State Search
    6. Civil Record Search
    7. Employment and Earnings
    8. Consumer Public Filings
    9. Fictitious Business Name Filing

    Learn more about our services or request a quote.

    Shipping and Tracking Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Help with Tracking your Package

    Our Customer Service team will answer any questions you may have about tracking your parcel. They can also explain any tracking statuses you’re unsure of. Our tracking tools give you control over your shipments, by helping you stay informed so you can ship with confidence.

    Track the Way you Want

    IBT Tracking is our most powerful tracking tool, giving you intelligent insights into all your shipments, whether you’re shipping 20 or 20,000 packages. With IBT Tracking, you get a customized, in-depth tracking experience that helps you build confidence, take control and accelerate your business.

    Key Benefits With IBT Tracking Platform
    • Customization features to track the way you want
    • Enhanced visibility with a detailed view of all shipments
    • Get essential insights with a customized report
    • Choose from a wide range of notification options
    Delight Customers with Effortless Tracking and Proactive Delivery Updates

    Engage customers with Branded Tracking Page

    Direct customers to your website for tracking to further engage customers after sales.

    Send Proactive Delivery Updates

    Automatically track latest status and send out push notifications via emails or SMS.

    Robust Tracking API for Developers

    Designed for developers to easily add tracking functionality

    Fastest Way to Check the Status of your Shipment

    Event Registration Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Helping you take your Event to the Next Level

    IBT BPO provide services in event registration services for trade shows, conferences, seminars and corporate events. We provide it all registration equipment needed to lead retrieval systems to manage data and post show reporting.


    We at IBT BPO Dubai are event conceptualizers. With our passion to provide one-stop solutions for all kind of events, we specialize in Corporate Events, CSR Events, Product Launches, Community Events, Conferences, Gala Dinners, Award Ceremonies, Exhibitions, Team Building Activities, Festival Celebrations and more. Trusted by more than 50+ brands, our presence in the market has proved our success and competence in the event management industry. Delivering end-to-end solutions for event planning and execution has been our forte.

    Whether you are staging a conference for 100 delegates or an exhibition for 50,000 first impressions count. Pre-registration has to be intelligent, simple and easy across all devices.

    Flexible Systems to Meet your Requirements

    All events are different, so we have developed a wide range of modules that cater to organizer requirements. You’ll work with a system that is tailored to your needs and we’ll be with you every step of the way if your requirements change.

    Marketing Tools to Reach New Audiences

    At point of registration, visitors can share event details to their own networks via social media. An advanced email distribution system will allow exhibitors to produce personalized invitations, upload data and use unique discount codes.

    Making Sure you Stand Apart from the Crowd

    Infusing creativity throughout your event, you not only fulfil your audience expectations but give them a new benchmark to judge your competitors with. Leveraging lights, sound, screen effects, performances and other event technologies to create experiences exceeding expectations.

    Let us help you choose from a list of local and international acts suitable for your event and audience to add the right amount of zing!

    A Comprehensive Solution to Ensure Success at your Events

    Appointment Scheduling Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Giving customers a way to schedule an appointment 24/7 makes great business sense. Most small businesses are only open Monday through Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm. That means during the week, they are only able to book appointment 27% of the time.

    Using IBT Call Center’s 24/7 appointment scheduling answering service gives you an edge. Our team is ready to answer your phone and book appointments by phone for you day or night. We can help you with more than just appointments. We can also assist you with overflow calls, dispatching emergencies, and taking messages.

    With appointment scheduling call center services from IBT, you can ensure that your appointment related phone calls are always handled professionally, freeing up time to concentrate on running your business.

    Schedule Appointments 24/7

    Many people do not have time to schedule during your office hours. With appointment scheduling service from IBT, appointments can be scheduled around the clock by our trained call center agents.

    Refocus your Staff

    Allow your staff to concentrate on more important tasks while IBT helps your customers or patients schedule their appointments.

    Built to Fit your Business

    Instant updates can be sent to you or any vital personnel via email or text message when a time is booked or rescheduled. Keep your calendar and appointments organized by using an interactive shared calendar accessible online at any time.

    Here to make Your Business Money

    The objective of our appointment call center is to increase your company’s revenue. We do this by scheduling appointments while your staff concentrates on more important tasks, helping them manage their time better and become more efficient.

    Get a 24/7 customer service team in just 5 minutes

    Helpdesk Outsourcing Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Outsourcing Help Desk With Guaranteed Service Levels

    IT outsourcing frees up time for your IT staff and allows them to concentrate on strategic operations and revenue-generating ideas, instead of fighting support fires. Your customers’ issues are handled by experts utilizing the latest technology to provide support solutions more efficiently and effectively. Having no help desk support in place after hours can lead to frustrated customers, complaints, and other preventable headaches. Outsourcing to qualified firms during non-peak hours—in different time zones provides 24/7 hour support from a real individual, not a script or automated response.


    If you are an IT leader looking for guaranteed service levels for your help desk service, technical support, or customer service needs, our help desk outsourcing service can give you that and more.


    IBT utilizes our own proprietary IT Service Management platform (ITSM) which enables our IT help desk support staff to quickly and efficiently resolve support issues as they occur. We’ve pioneered a unique support workflow that focuses on rapid triage and first-call resolution. Our root-cause learning engine blindly scores thousands of responses from hundreds of environments just like yours to enable us to solve problems right the first time.

    Comprehensive IT Service Desk Solutions Keep Organizations Winning with IT

    IBT offers many comprehensive business IT services for small businesses, medium-size businesses, and large requiring full or part-time support desk services, application helpdesk support, customer service desk, or full-blown technical service resource centers. No matter what type of service help desk functions you need, we can provide you with a complete and custom turnkey solution to meet your specific needs.

    Flexible Help Desk Management

    Over the last 11 years, we’ve worked with a number of companies looking for IT outsourcing, each with a different way of servicing their customers. Our flexible approach provided exactly what these companies were looking for. Each company came to us with questions very specific to their engagement. Our custom outsourced solution worked well for each one of them.

    Key Benefits of our IT Help Desk Outsourcing Services

    24 Hour Availability

    Your customers will receive responsive, round-the-clock assistance, and our professional staff will provide a personalized approach to foster brand loyalty.

    Productivity Boost

    Increase your team’s productivity by allowing them to focus on core development and higher-tier customer requests.

    Quick Response

    Your customers will receive responsive, round-the-clock assistance, and our professional staff will provide a personalized approach to foster brand loyalty.

    Key Features of our IT Help Desk Outsourcing Services
    • Reduced Overhead
    • Quick ramp-up
    • 24/7 Response Team
    • Reduce expense
    • Improved Efficiency
    • Experienced & Qualified Personnel
    • Access to the latest in technology
    • Custom Reporting

    With the latest in technology and extensive training, our staff is equipped to deliver consistent, reliable IT Help Desk Outsourcing to enhance your team’s capabilities.

    Market Research Surveys Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Use Smart Online Surveys to get the Insights you need to Grow your Business.

    Keeping up with fast-paced, ever-changing market trends is key for any successful business. Listening to your customers and reacting to emerging consumer demands will help you stay ahead of your competitors. Online surveys offer you a fast and easy way to conduct targeted market research that will provide you with the information you need to deliver the best customer service.

    Important Reasons for Conducting Market Research:

    • To understand the needs of existing customers
    • For recognizing prospective new customers
    • To identify and enter new markets
    • For measuring brand awareness
    • To drive improvements to products and pricing

    Market research allows you to collect insightful facts about your customers’ needs and motivations. IBT provides you with the tools you need to gather information that will help you improve profitability.

    Why are Market Research Surveys Important?

    The number one reason for businesses to conduct market research is to keep up-to-date with what customers want. With IBT you can reach your target audience anytime, anywhere. By sending survey invitations via email and SMS, sharing them on social media and embedding them directly into your website, you can gather relevant data and identify opportunities as they happen.

    Why it is Important to Carry Out Market research to Improve your Business?

    Using online surveys to carry out essential market research will provide you with the insight to determine if your products and services are satisfying your customers. By understanding the needs of existing and potential consumers and identifying problem areas, you will be able to remain agile and stay focused on identifying new business opportunities.

    6 Steps for Carrying out Market Research:

    Identify the objectives:

    Pinpoint what you want to find out. The more focused the research is on finding out what you want to know, the more useful it will be.

    Create the Survey

    Select the questions you want to ask and build the survey. Customizing and editing your survey is easy and don’t forget to test it on a sample group before sending.

    Collect the Data

    Send bulk email and SMS survey invitations, send reminders and easily manage contact lists. Track open rates, views, failures and opt-outs.

    Analyse the Results:

    Turn results into custom graphs and charts. Also, easily export the exact survey data you need to CSV (Excel) for further analysis.

    Report your Findings:

    Download reports or give others access by sending them a password-protected link so that they can view the results for themselves.

    Take Action:

    Act on the results – the true value of the survey will be when you implement changes that drive your business forward.

    Get started and create your first survey

    Third Party Verification Services Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Whether you choose automated IVR, live operator, or a combination of both, IBT offers Third Party Verification (TPV) solutions that produce the superior results you expect. Our Third Party Verification services are designed to be flexible, efficient and highly cost effective and will help you close more sales and reduce both consumer confusion and outright fraud.

    From attorneys to auto dealers, telecommunications to utilities service provider, hospitals, government offices or travel agencies, these and so many other industries require TPV to ensure security for their clients. When it comes to TPV services, utilizing live receptionist services to walk consumers through the verification process can give them greater assurance that they are not just another number to your organization, but a valued part of your future success. If you are looking for a phone verification service that can put a personal touch on a very necessary facet of all consumer transactions, then look no further. Specialty’s third party verification answering service has the solutions you need to protect your customer base, one call at a time.

    How It Works

    We have an extensive system of internal and external quality control checks to maintain the highest degree of accuracy in all transactions, and all calls are recorded for your future use.

    Customized Call Scripting:

    No two businesses are alike, so no two businesses should have the same in-call script. Our dedicated professionals will work with you to develop a protocol to follow when operators respond to your calls. Using your guidelines, we will ask callers the appropriate questions without creating confusion, so that fast, exacting confirmation can be obtained. Information is documented according to your specifications, and reports are generated at regular intervals for your review. Meeting all regulatory procedures, we are compliant as required by the FTC, FCC, PUC, PSC, and state-level agencies.

    Security Guaranteed:

    Security Guaranteed: We are one of the few call centers to have complete ISO 27001 certification and PCI compliance, making us a secure asset to your business. You can rest assured that your customers’ data is safe and sound, protected by the finest technology in the industry. We continuously upgrade our systems to align with the most advanced equipment available in today’s market, guaranteeing you will always receive the highest level of service possible.

    Bilingual Representation:

    The UAE is a melting pot, growing in diversity with each passing day. It is not enough to provide service solely in English. To accommodate the expanding Hispanic community, bilingual live-voice agents are essential. That is why we have a significant percentage of bilingual staff, fluent in both English and Arabic. Eliminating language barriers establishes trust and makes your organization more accessible to the community at large.

    24-Hour Service:

    The need for TPV can come at any hour of the day, any day of the year. We lead busy lives, and we don’t always have time to make calls during the traditional 9 to 5 business day. That is why we offer around-the-clock service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your office doors may be closed, but we are always open!

    Give us a test drive, no strings attached. We are confident in our abilities, and we want you to feel the same! Specialty is the leading call center for third party verification, offering the security and precision that will protect your clients, and your standing in the marketplace.

    Does your business need to hire a third party verification service?

    Contact Us

    Finance and Accounting (F&A) BPO Outsourcing Services

    Outsourcing enables organizations to scale resources up and down as needed with no obligation to pay salaries or benefit costs. Additionally, it alleviates the burden of hiring, training and maintaining accounting staff.

    IBT BPO Outsourcing Finance and Accounting Services gives companies access to a fully trained and staffed off-site finance and accounting department using an accounting system maintained and operated by IBT team.

    Efficient cash-flow management, methodical accounting, and compliance with industry regulations are central to the financial well-being of any enterprise. IBT comprehensive suite of customized Finance & Accounting BPO services enables your business to enhance its operational and financial agility by streamlining and optimizing key processes.

    Many finance and accounting services can be outsourced, and the benefits of outsourcing can transform your business. Our financial outsourcing services include:

    • Preparation of management reports including budget and cash flow analysis
    • Preparation of activity statements
    • Audit assistance and preparation of financial statements
    • Annual income tax returns
    • Annual fringe benefits tax returns.
    First-rate financial services outsourcing for organizations

    We have a team of finance experts and certified accountants who are highly experienced in monitoring, recording, and auditing fiscal activities of organisations, whether weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. We can provide clients with a variety of reports, from day-to-day bookkeeping to financial forecasting, in formats and templates they prefer. These include:

    • Budget and fiscal planning
    • Cash flow reports
    • Accounts Receivables / Accounts Payables
    • Balance sheets
    • Income statements
    • Stock holdings
    • Owner equity statements
    • Debtors and creditors statements

    Streamlined Enterprise-Wide F&A Processes

    that Drives Business Efficiency

    Human Resource Outsourcing Services Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE


    Maximizing Your Return on HR Outsourcing

    • HR outsourcing should be viewed not as a stand-alone project but rather as part of a broader program of HR process transformation and optimization. Before, during, and after an HR outsourcing initiative, world-class organizations streamline, standardize, and automate their HR processes to the greatest extent possible.
    • Create a realistic, comprehensive business plan for the HR outsourcing program – and then execute against the plan.
    • Design and budget for an effective governance structure to manage the outsourcing relationship, including clearly defined roles and responsibilities and mechanisms for issue resolution. Ensure that those charged with managing the outsourcing relationship have the necessary skill set to do
    • Regard the outsourcing provider as a business partner and leverage their expertise – particularly when it comes to process design. The provider should also participate in the development of a set of results-oriented Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
    • Adjust the roles of retained HR staff in a manner that best takes advantage of the outsourcing program. For instance, HR generalists who used to have responsibility for the outsourced tasks can be redirected to higher value activities.
    • To gauge performance and progress, use process metrics that capture full end-to-end processes, including both outsourced and retained activities.

    Why Outsource HR?

    According to a study by The Society Of Human Resource Management (SHRM), over half of all HR professionals have taken advantage of outsourced HR. The top two reasons for outsourcing are the benefits of cost and time efficiencies. These efficiencies are really the opportunity costs of business owners and managers, who lose time and money focusing on HR tasks when these resources can be spent on what must be done to grow their business. That is, the time and money devoted to employee management is better spent by outsourcing HR so that businesses can be devoted to core business functions. Other reasons cited by SHRM include improved compliance, a wider range of offered services, and more experience in the HR field.

    Choosing a Human Resources Outsourcing Company

    With our full outsourcing solution, The HR Team seamlessly becomes your HR department. You’ll receive ongoing support tailored to suit your business’ specific needs with dependable strategic and tactical services you can rely on. If you haven’t given serious thought to outsourcing, the range of tasks that can be offloaded to us might surprise you.

    Benefit from a single solution for practical and strategic HR

    Join the movement: grow your business

    On Demand Workforce Supply in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Understand your workforce supply and demand for accurate, long-term decision-making and workforce excellence. IBT lets you set targets for headcount, skills and costs, analyse against scenarios and track the workforce over time to deliver your targets.

    Workforce planning is often done on an ad hoc basis, with workforce decisions made with incomplete, inaccurate data. IBT brings together all your people data alongside self-service analytics. Make informed decisions and identify areas for focus to ensure your organisation has the resources it needs for the future.

    Strategic Planning

    Planning at the individual level makes long-term decision-making very difficult. IBT allows you to cluster similar roles, for example into functions, job families, grades, locations or capabilities. This allows you to forecast your workforce supply and demand simply and effectively for strategic decision-making.

    Allocate and Plan Resources

    To ensure the success of your future workforce you need to know who you need, where you need them and when you need to hire. IBT gives you an accurate forecast of future supply and demand based on historical drivers such as hiring rates, leavers, retirement profiles, or transfers between planning groups so you can plan effectively.

    Allocate and Plan Resources

    Workforce supply and demand is always variable. IBT gives you the ability to make robust decisions by analyzing multiple supply and demand scenarios. Simulate the impact of future events on your current workforce such as down-sizing or outsourcing. Analyse this against future resource demand, based on financial, sales, production or supply chain data to identify gaps and areas of risk early.

    Track and Measure Performance against Plan

    Most organisations struggle to understand how their workforce evolves over time. IBT lets you track your workforce so you can understand how you are performing against your plans and budget to adapt quickly and hit desired targets.

    Learn more about the attitudes and level of satisfaction that on-demand workers feel

    Global Talent Outsourcing in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

    To unleash the potential of people, organizations are turning to IBT, the global leader in outcome-based, talent-driven solutions.

    Our ability to capitalize on new thinking, new workforce models and new possibilities has made us the most recognized and respected workforce solutions provider in the world. And our expertise, experience and unmatched global footprint allow us to deliver solutions to help our clients achieve better business results.


    Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

    Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing offering sources and attracts talent through our flexible and scalable recruitment solutions which can include anything from sourcing and selection to onboarding. Built upon our deep recruiting expertise and based on our rigorous process, our innovative approach ensures the results you need—greater predictability of cost, a more efficient recruiting process, an improved candidate experience, and more importantly, improved talent quality.


    Managed Service Provider (MSP)

    Our Managed Service Provider, delivers solutions that optimize the management of contingent workforces, providing visibility, predictability, and the performance you count on. Our quality program management, efficient process, breadth of services and global reach make us the largest and most respected hybrid and vendor neutral MSP in the Middle East, UAE. And the only one to have achieved and maintained an ISO 9001:2014 certification.

    Talent Acquisition Process Outsourcing

    We are an organization that carries out the outsourcing process for our clients. Having an exposure in the recruitment field for more than a decade now, we follow a proper method of hiring and also provide benefits as well as quality services.

    The basic function of talent acquisition process outsourcing is that the recruiter employs an outsourcing firm to carry out the recruitment process with a proper skill.

    Through the incorporation of proper technologies and search these firms try to fulfill the need of the employers.

    One Stop Solution for all your Global Talent Outsourcing

    Payroll Outsourcing Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

    “A non-core function like a payroll department may be essential to your business, but does not differentiate you, strategically, from competitors, so why not let the pros handle it for you?”


    • Seamless coordination with your HR Department
    • Whole preparation of accrual reports
    • Comprehensive calculations of End of Service Settlements
    • Set up assistance and maintaining wage protection systems (WPS)
    • Salary processing (incl. OT, Bonus, Incentives and more)
    • Processing of expense claims reimbursements
    • Customized payslips
    • Salary payments through multi-currencies
    • Bank transfer letters
    • Maintenance of payroll information related to employees
    • Salary transfers to overseas locations
    • Secure data management system

    What Our Service Offers


    Smooth. Customizable. Cost-friendly



    Specialized Service, Spotless.

    Perfect service is something everybody strives for, but for our team of professionals, it’s second nature. IBT can provide you with the following flawless services:

    • Seamless coordination with your HR Department
    • Whole preparation of accrual reports
    • Comprehensive calculations of End of Service Settlements
    • Set up assistance and maintaining wage protection systems (WPS)

    On Time

    What you want, When you want it.

    We understand the importance of time and that is why our payroll outsourcing services allow for you to focus more on your business and worry less about the following:

      • Salary processing (incl. OT, Bonus, Incentives and more)
      • Processing of expense claims reimbursements


    Design What Works for you.

    Payroll services are never a cookie cutter type function. Being able to customize your outsourced payroll department is one of the most important aspects of our support services and that is why we provide the following:

    • Customized payslips
    • Salary payments through multi-currencies


    Your Security, Our Priority.

    The importance of keeping your staff’s classified information as confidential as possible is as important to us as it is to you. This why we offer the following payroll support services to ensure for ultimate privacy:

    • Bank transfer letters
    • Maintenance of payroll information related to employees
    • Salary transfers to overseas locations
    • Secure data management system

    Get in Touch With us Today for a Consultation

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